Friday Workout

This workout should take under an hour to complete.

Equipment needed:

  • Resistance bands
  • Heavy Rope
  • Kettlebell or T-Bar

Warm-up:- 3-5 minutes on the bike followed by full body warm up. I love this one, it is quick, and gets all your parts ready to go.

Tabata Sprints: Full effort for 20 seconds, followed by 10 seconds rest, repeat 8 times for a total workout time of 3:50.

If you want to read more behind the science of Tabata Sprints, follow this link:

Heavy jump rope: 30 seconds, 30 seconds rest, 6 total sets of jump rope.

75 Kettlebell swings – 3 sets of 25, or if you can do them all at once, more power to you! To make sure you are using the proper form, follow these instructions from the video below.


Torture Twist: Twist and hold each side 3 times, complete 3 total sets.

Plank:  Watch the video below as Mark Sisson demonstrates different levels of difficulty for the plank, pick the one you can hold for 60-90 seconds.

Cool down and stretch, you are done!