What is Reorganizational Healing?

Reorganizational Healing is an approach to developing new personalized strategies to evolve health and life to more effective, vital, conscious levels. It considers intrinsic factors enhancing one’s energetic resources along with one’s most effective nature and style of change. With ROH, life challenges, symptoms, and diseases become opportunities to go beyond one’s familiar baseline of living to claim a bolder more vital and resourceful state of health, wellness, productivity and life.

Seven Unifying Principles of Reorganizational Healing

By Donny Epstein

These Seven Unifying Principles may be applied across all disciplines in guiding the client’s transition to a Reorganizational context.

  1.  Each of us has the choice to be restored to a prior minimal, familiar and often comfortable state of health and the choice to raise his or her standard to a new      level beyond that which led to the pain, symptom, disease or less resourced state.
  2.   In any moment, our amount of available energy significantly influences our healing and living and our impact upon others. Experiences, disease, and symptoms exist in a narrow range of available energy. Increasing the available energy allows us to experience a greater range of awareness, health and wellness.
  3.   The purpose of pain and disease is to interrupt the way one is living – and to fuel development of available energy and greater resourcefulness to draw upon.
  4. Our self organizing inborn wisdom is comprised of six Energetic Intelligences that control, regulate and manifest different aspects of our bodies, minds, spirits, and live.
  5.   When  these Intelligences are supplied with enough available energy, spontaneous structural, behavioral and/or perceptual changes occur. This results in higher order health, wellness and resourcefulness both within us and around us.

  6.  We each have a personal style or way of experiencing events, recalling information and making change. For each of us one way is natural and optimal and more effortlessly will provide energy to reorganize to a higher order of reality and healthier experience of the body and life.
  7.    The Seasons of Wellbeing influence the timing of what is possible for us. Living consistent with the appropriate Season will energize our resourcefulness

From: http://www.reorganizational.org/