About Dr. Brian

As a senior in high school I began to experience intense headaches. Their intensity prevented me from enjoying basic things I had become accustomed to enjoying. After 6 weeks of not finding relief from more common routes (over the counter and prescription drugs), or answers from the multitude of tests I was subjected to (CAT scans, MRI’s, Chest X-rays, Neurologists, etc.), a friend of the family suggested that I see a chiropractor.

My mother made the appointment for me, and I cancelled. I didn’t think I “needed” a chiropractor because I had not hurt my spine. I pursued a couple more options for 2 more weeks, including having my wisdom teeth removed, and when that didn’t work, I looked at chiropractic as a last hope.

My perspective about chiropractic changed when I met my chiropractor. He explained to me he wasn’t going to treat my headaches, rather he was going to check the integrity of my spine and nerve system and make adjustments if necessary.

This was different! The approach of the chiropractor was vitalistic. The focus was on optimal health and optimal function. The intent is to restore function.

After only one adjustment I noticed a big change, first there was an improvement in the motion of my neck. Also, there was a clarity in my thinking I hadn’t experienced before. Within a few hours the headache disappeared! After the initial improvement in my pain, I began to notice that my health was improving in many areas, I had more energy, paid attention better in school and began to exercise more frequently. Chiropractic has helped me reach more of my potential in many areas of my life.

My story is like many others, my overall health was improved by freeing my nervous system from tension. It is my goal is to share this wonderful gift of health with others.

I enjoy trail running, reading, and spending time in nature.