Success Stories

I wanted to write to you about the change I saw in my 3-year-old daughter after the first time she received an adjustment at your office. The day after the adjustment I took her to her gymnastics class. She had been going to this class once a week for about 8 weeks and had not shown much interest in it. She refused to participate in the activities, clinging to my side instead. If I accompanied her to one of the activities she would grudgingly go along with it to some degree. For the most part she sat on my lap, refusing to talk to the teacher or other children. The day after the adjustment, Emma was a changed person. She eagerly and independently participated in every activity, talked with the teacher, tried new things, and was engaged with the other children. I couldn’t believe it. The teacher even remarked to me that “Emma has certainly blossomed all of a sudden!” and one of the other parents said, “Emma’s a different person today!” The change in her confidence and enjoyment of the class was so great I thought it had to be correlated to the adjustment she received the day before. So, thanks for the good work!
E. B., administrator


I wish to express my gratefulness for the amazing healing I have experienced.. My medical doctor has also said, “Whatever you are doing, don’t stop. I could not prescribe physical therapy that could bring about some of the changes I have seen in your gait.” My deep abdominal breathing has improved markedly and my singing has also as a result. This brings me my greatest joy; therefore, I am also in your debt for this tremendous benefit in my life. Much love and thanks.
J. F., student of life


“Dr. Dickert has been my chiropractor for at least 7 years. I marvel at how my entrainment sessions with him have significantly reduced the frequency and severity of the sciatica I have in both legs. Even with scoliosis, osteoarthritis, and fibromyalgia, I am making steady gains in my postural alignment, thanks to Brian. When I step off a curb wrong, bump my head when getting groceries out of my car, turn or twist or fall, etc. there is a shift causing tension in my jaw, knees, or other joints in my body. Brian is able to address the spinal imbalances, wisely and gently. I also have a history of bulging disks at C5, L4 and L5 and Brian has reduced my neck stiffness and low back pain and tightness connected to this. I consider Brian to be a Charlottesville treasure.”

Alice G

We trusted Brian with our daughter when she 8 years old. She developed torticollis after a playground accident. The doctors said it would require months of PT to correct, but Brian had her back on the playground in a week! We have brought her back time and again to address new issues. He is great with children (and our now teenager). He puts them at ease immediately and is so gentle.

Dawn W