The Paradox of Healing

The Paradox of Healing

I was having a conversation with someone a few days ago about the amazing human capacity for healing. Human beings self heal from colds, the flu, even cancer. Outside agents, whether it’s a chiropractic adjustment, drug, herb, salve or tonic only stimulate the inherent nature of the human being striving for health and wholeness.

That is the paradox. We are self healing, and outside agents stimulate the healing process.

While away on vacation I visited a colleagues office, he had a cartoon on the message board.  It was a conversation between a doctor and a father.  The father said to the Doctor “I took my son to a chiropractor for his Asthma, and it’s getting better”.  The doctor said “Chiropractic doesn’t work for Asthma, it’s only a placebo” to which the father replied “Why didn’t you tell me Chiropractic was a good placebo for Asthma?”

Dr. Brian