Since 1997, Dr. Brian Dickert has been helping people have less pain and greater flexibility.  Often, there are other side effects of a healthy spine, like improved concentration, a better golf game, or less colds and flu. Start your path back to health today.

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Latest Testimonials:

Great treatment and education !! best wishes, George W

“Was totally stressed from a challenging day, and Brian with his therapy brought some composure to chaos.” Sue H

“In just one month, Brian has improved my posture and head-forward problem immensely.” Stuart B

“Dr. Dickert has been my chiropractor for at least 7 years. I marvel at how my entrainment sessions with him have significantly reduced the frequency and severity of the sciatica I have in both legs. Even with scoliosis, osteoarthritis, and fibromyalgia, I am making steady gains in my postural alignment, thanks to Brian. When I step off a curb wrong, bump my head when getting groceries out of my car, turn or twist or fall, etc. there is a shift causing tension in my jaw, knees, or other joints in my body. Brian is able to address the spinal imbalances, wisely and gently. I also have a history of bulging disks at C5, L4 and L5 and Brian has reduced my neck stiffness and low back pain and tightness connected to this. I consider Brian to be a Charlottesville treasure.”

Alice G