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Dr. Brian

Since 1993, I have been learning from the masters of the chiropractic profession.

I have been helping people of all ages recover from injuries, reduce pain and medications, and obtain and greater flexibility in their body.

I sought chiropractic care as a teenager, and received relief from migraines, and then noticed some “side-effects” of care, like improved concentration, more energy, better sleep, a better golf game, less colds and flu, and more.

Get relief now, and build a healthy body for tomorrow.

Conveniently located in the Village of Corrales, a short drive from Northwest Albuquerque, North Valley, Rio Rancho and Bernalillo.

Why I became a Chiropractor:

My first experience with Chiropractic Care was in 1988. I was suffering with migraines for over 8 weeks and wasn’t able to sleep well or go to school. A friend of my mother’s suggested I see a Chiropractor. I scheduled a visit, and then cancelled…I thought chiropractors only worked on people with back pain and didn’t think they could help me. After a few more weeks with no relief from all the other things we were trying (4 different pain pills, neurologist, allergist, wisdom teeth removed, and 10+ different diagnostic tests), I was desperate and went to the chiropractor.

The chiropractor examined my spine, took X-rays and showed me what my spine looked like. It needed some help, and the chiropractor suggested I start care. He explained to me the purpose of the spine was to protect the spinal cord, and by freeing the mis-alignments in the spine, the spinal cord and nerves would be under less tension and better able to send messages to and from the body. He also let me know about the other benefits people have, like better grades in school. My mom liked this one, since I wasn’t the best student.

Can you figure out what happened next? After 2 MRI’s a CAT scan, multiple vials of blood taken, chest x-rays, wisdom teeth removed, 4 different pain medications, finally someone decided to look where the problem was, my spine. Within one visit I was 30% better and had a good night’s sleep.  After 4 visits I no longer had headaches.  I was impressed by the turnaround in how I felt, and also the simplicity of the chiropractic message, the body can heal itself, and it does this much better with a healthy spine and nerve system.

Have you had your spine evaluated professionally? Could tension on your spine, spinal nerves or brainstem be influencing your health in a negative way? The only way to find out is to have an evaluation.

Please call 505-738-6897 for a consultation today.

Latest Testimonials:

I have been to many chiropractors over the years, and have sought out chiropractors that are gentle and subtle. Dr. Brian is probably the most subtle and certainly one of the most effective I have ever experienced. He’s also a kind, gentle, sweet man with a huge heart and an easy manner. I highly recommend him!

Bill Smith

I had severe pain every time I bent over and then tried to stand up again. It was so painful I would have to stop in a bent position and wait for pain to begin to subside before fully standing. My primary Dr. took an x-ray and said I had arthritis of the spine and there was nothing to be done! She did not order pain medicine or any type of medicine. As I left her office I said to myself, “There is something to be done, go see Dr. Brian at Corrales Chiropractic!”.
The next day I went to see Dr. Brian for an adjustment! As he performed the adjustment I could feel the warm healing energy flowing from his hands into my spine. A day or two after the adjustment the pain had gone; I could bend and the stand without pain. That was 4 months ago!! Still no pain!
Thanks Dr. Brian. Your healing energy adjustments are beyond compare! They are the best medicine for me! Clara-Bo

Brian is excellent at the art he practices – he’s very gentle and intuitive.
Since I’ve been going I haven’t had any more back issues and it feels much stronger. I’d highly recommend Brian to anybody who prefers this method of chiropractic work as opposed to “back cracking” (which is not Brian’s style). Doug H

Grateful for both Brian and Laura. With subtle sensitivity, Brian is gently alleviating this numbness in my fingers and feet due to old spinal surgery. Had sorta come to terms that that was just the way it was, until Brian’s touch…gradual improvement is greatly appreciated. Thank you for relocating here, you two. Bobbie S

I came in for relief of upper neck and shoulder pain. Dr. Dickert applied gentle pressure to specific areas along my spine. I left the office feeling much lighter and pain free. I highly recommend Dr. Dickert. Marie R

Great treatment and education !! best wishes, George W

“Was totally stressed from a challenging day, and Brian with his therapy brought some composure to chaos.” Sue H

“In just one month, Brian has improved my posture and head-forward problem immensely.” Stuart B

“Dr. Dickert has been my chiropractor for at least 7 years. I marvel at how my entrainment sessions with him have significantly reduced the frequency and severity of the sciatica I have in both legs. Even with scoliosis, osteoarthritis, and fibromyalgia, I am making steady gains in my postural alignment, thanks to Brian. When I step off a curb wrong, bump my head when getting groceries out of my car, turn or twist or fall, etc. there is a shift causing tension in my jaw, knees, or other joints in my body. Brian is able to address the spinal imbalances, wisely and gently. I also have a history of bulging disks at C5, L4 and L5 and Brian has reduced my neck stiffness and low back pain and tightness connected to this. I consider Brian to be a Charlottesville treasure.”

Alice G


My family and I have been Chiropractic clients for over 40 years! I truly can attest to the healing results of Chiropractic. I have been to Brian only since July. I was really stressed after Robert’s passing. Brian’s adjustments have truly helped to reinforce for me what Robert wanted me to understand. Healing. The healing energy that is here for us. I believe the Chiropractic community of healers are the extra help that I need in my life to keep me balanced. I am glad Brian is here… especially for me and my journey.💜    Susie Morrow

Dr. Brian Dickert – Featured in the March 12, 2014 issue of C-Ville Weekly: