Free Your Feet

One of the best things you can do for your body is be barefooted.  If you must wear shoes, the thinnest, least restricting shoes are your best bet.

If this sounds strange, I recommend the book Born to Run by Chris McDougall

At one point in time, it sounded strange to me, but I was curious. Why do we shove our feet into shoes that aren’t foot shaped?  You’ll find the answer to this question and more by reading the book.

Since changing my footwear in 2012 my feet are stronger and more flexible than ever.

What I wear 90% of the time is Xero Shoes.

They are mostly known for their sandals, but have recently branched out into closed toe models.

Here is a short review of the New Prio:

The Prio goes on sale March 9th, click the link below to get a pair of the most comfortable shoes you have ever owned.

Prio -- the zero-drop minimalist running fitness shoe from Xero Shoes