About Your Examination

On your first visit, I will review your history, examine your spine, posture, spinal motion and talk about what to expect with the first entrainment to your nervous system.

Your Spine and Nerve System are made up of different parts: bones (cranial bones and vertebrae), muscles, ligaments, spinal cord, spinal nerves, Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF), connective tissue, and more.

Using touch, non-invasive imaging, and computer software, each of these systems can be assessed to see how healthy and resilient they are in the moment.

With Gentle Palpation of your Spine I Look For:

  • Tone of the Large Muscles of the Spine
  • Postural patterns
  • How well the individual vertebrae move
  • Signs of tension on connective tissue which relates to tension on the spinal nerves
  • Spinal Scans Using the INSIGHT Chiropractic Technology:
    (Click Here to read more about this exciting technology.)
    Thermal Scan
    The Thermal Scan reveals temperature differential on both sides of the spine. Heat differences from one side of the spine to the other indicate neurological disturbances affecting the Autonomic Nervous System.

    Surface EMG – Motor Nerve Evaluation
    This scan will be performed to evaluate the difference in electrical impulses traveling from your nervous system to the musculature along your spine. This evaluation observes the motor mechanism of your muscles to insure they are in balance.

    Your Report
    After assessing the health of your spine and nerve system, a plan of care is formulated specific for your needs to maximize your improvement.

    Ongoing Wellness
    I am committed to your Wellness. I offer a weekly health and wellness newsletter, and consult on diet, exercise and other topics to improve your overall wellness.

    Take a moment and watch a short video of an Entrainment:

    Allow an hour for the process of your first visit.
    Please call 434-227-7149 to schedule.