The Monday Workout

I like to start my week with this workout.
Bike 30 minutes total including warm-up.
Sitting Sprints – 45 seconds – 1 minute – 5-10 total sprints
Standing and Climbing – Increase tension every 30 seconds until you can’t go any higher.
Standing Sprints – 45 seconds – 1 minute duration – 5 total

Full body warm-up:
Something like this is great!

Weights:  This is a full body workout that can be done with hand weights if you do not have a barbell.

The goal of the workout is to improve your metabolic conditioning, the exercises are done quickly with little rest in between sets.  I have worked my way up to 3 sets.

Cool down and stretch.
Total time should be about an hour.
Equipment needed: Bike (alternatively you can jog and complete 5 to 10 sprints), Barbell or Hand Weights