Wednesday Workout

Wednesday Workout

Equipment needed: Medicine Ball, Jump Rope, Step, Medium Weights

  1. 1 Min. Bike Sprint
  2. 75 Twists w/ Medicine Ball
  3. 20 Push Ups
  4. 75 Jump Rope
  5. 20 Side to Side on Step
  6. 20 Rope Pulls
  7. 20 Flys
  8. 1 Min. Stand and Climb on Bike
  9. 20 Upright Rows

Do the above exercises as a pyramid – Start with #1, then do #1 & #2, then #1, #2, & #3, continue adding another exercise each round.

Friday Workout

This workout should take under an hour to complete.

Equipment needed:

  • Resistance bands
  • Heavy Rope
  • Kettlebell or T-Bar

Warm-up:- 3-5 minutes on the bike followed by full body warm up. I love this one, it is quick, and gets all your parts ready to go.

Tabata Sprints: Full effort for 20 seconds, followed by 10 seconds rest, repeat 8 times for a total workout time of 3:50.

If you want to read more behind the science of Tabata Sprints, follow this link:

Heavy jump rope: 30 seconds, 30 seconds rest, 6 total sets of jump rope.

75 Kettlebell swings – 3 sets of 25, or if you can do them all at once, more power to you! To make sure you are using the proper form, follow these instructions from the video below.


Torture Twist: Twist and hold each side 3 times, complete 3 total sets.

Plank:  Watch the video below as Mark Sisson demonstrates different levels of difficulty for the plank, pick the one you can hold for 60-90 seconds.

Cool down and stretch, you are done!

The Monday Workout

I like to start my week with this workout.
Bike 30 minutes total including warm-up.
Sitting Sprints – 45 seconds – 1 minute – 5-10 total sprints
Standing and Climbing – Increase tension every 30 seconds until you can’t go any higher.
Standing Sprints – 45 seconds – 1 minute duration – 5 total

Full body warm-up:
Something like this is great!

Weights:  This is a full body workout that can be done with hand weights if you do not have a barbell.

The goal of the workout is to improve your metabolic conditioning, the exercises are done quickly with little rest in between sets.  I have worked my way up to 3 sets.

Cool down and stretch.
Total time should be about an hour.
Equipment needed: Bike (alternatively you can jog and complete 5 to 10 sprints), Barbell or Hand Weights

Watch “Food Inc.” Tonight and Start Making Healthier Food Choices

Tonight on our local PBS station, you can catch “Food Inc.”, a documentary about the American food industry with Eric Schlosser and Michael Pollan.
(WHTJ – 41.1 -)

Read more about the movie here:

Among the highlights of the movie is an interview with local farmer Joel Salatin of Polyface Farm.

“Healthy People Make Healthy Choices” – Donald Epstein

Life Changing Healthcare

When you choose to visit a healthcare provider, do you expect your life to be different?  Or, do you just expect a change in your symptoms or condition?  At Enhance Your Life Chiropractic, we expect the former.  We assess the function of your spine and nervous system, and help you become more flexible and adaptive to life stresses.  People tell us their headaches, neck pain, and back pain is better, and that is a wonderful “side-effect” of having a better functioning spine.  People also tell us they have more energy, they are happier,  and little stresses don’t affect them the way they used to.  These are indications that your life is changing for the better.

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Life Changing Healthcare

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My Concussion – Final Thoughts

My bike accident occurred in mid-November 2010, and I am finally headache free as of Jan. 15th.  A week after the accident I would have said I was “back to normal”, but in reality I was far from it.  About 3 weeks after the fall, I started having intense pain at the site of impact on the left side of my head.  It wasn’t there all the time, but it hurt a lot when it was there.  I noticed it especially upon waking.

This went on for about a month, and from there “illness” behavior started to set in.  I started to think I needed to conserve my energy.  I started to avoid events that seemed to be overwhelming and a potential cause of stress.

I had a major a-ha moment at the seminar when a slide showing the difference between Illness and Wellness was the “I” and the “We”.  When we are ill, our focus is on our self, our seeming lack of resources, and having safety or control.  When we are well, our focus is on the well-being of others (in addition or ourselves), being part of a community and sharing our gifts with others.  With wellness behavior opportunities are seen even in the midst of adversity, we feel resourceful and able to take on any challenge.

It was during a Network Spinal Analysis seminar in Colorado that I had an amazing entrainment with Dr. Peter Fisk of Ft. Collins, Colorado.  I have been entrained by Dr. Fisk many times in the past, probably going back 10 years.  I let him know about my recent bike accident, and then during the entrainment I felt an intense rush of emotions after some gentle touches to my spine.  After letting the process happen, and crying for the first time, I felt relieved.  I knew something shifted after this energy was liberated.

The seminar ended and on the way out I had a brief chat with Dr. Donald Epstein, the developer of Network Spinal Analysis.  I told him what had happened to me and he suggested some specific SRI exercises, and I have been doing them twice a week since returning home.

Each day since I have been feeling better, stronger, and I’m able to workout with intensity again.

Going through this process made me realize I’ve probably had a concussion at least 2 other times in my life, and maybe more.  With all the discussion in the media about concussions, I was more aware and cautious about returning to daily activities.  I gave my body the time it needed to heal properly.

As with my first post about my concussion, I would recommend Network Spinal Analysis, and also SomatoRespiratory Integration or SRI to anyone recovering from a concussion.  Both are essential with connecting to a place in our spine, nerve system, or body, via breath, movement,  or touch that allows the body to immediately self-organize to a higher level of well-being.