Vote Today, Vote Tomorrow, Vote Tuesday, Vote Everyday!

Every 4 years the United States chooses a president with their vote. Everyday we vote by where we place our attention, our time, our money and our energy.  When we place our focus upon something, it builds the energy, assisting its growth. What happens when you stop paying attention to your garden or your diet, or your relationship? It usually loses momentum, and show signs of breakdown.

What do you want to restore, heal or grow?  Maybe it’s your posture, your joints, your digestion, or your happiness. When we focus our attention outside ourselves we vote for change by what we buy, by writing letters to the editor, or attending public meetings and sharing our concerns. We vote by talking to our neighbors and building strong communities that care for each other. This is the vote you can place every day.

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Place your vote for yourself by attending my free workshop Tuesday, Nov. 8th at 6 PM at Integrated Life.

Dr. Brian