A Coherent Nervous System Supports Your Well-Being

Using technology originally developed for the Space Program to measure the effects on the body of being in space for long periods is also used to measure spinal health and wellness. Readings taken at different levels of the spine are measured, with the intent of discovering how coherent or “in sync” the spine is functioning.

A description of some recent discoveries with this technology is described by Matt Kreinheder of the Association for Reorganizational Healing Professionals:

By Matt Kreinheder, D.C.
All matter must be enlivened and moved by energy.  All energy moves in patterns, and all patterns emerge with an organizing intelligence.  This is the nature of how all biological systems are formed.  There is an organizing principle, energy and the matter or object that exists in the 3D world.  In Network Spinal Analysis care, there is a very unique demonstration of this energy moving through matter in what we call the “Network Wave”.
You may have seen people moving on the table in a rhythmic or oscillatory manner, and have likely experienced it yourself.  The wave is an example of an energy that is moving in a pattern.  But what creates this pattern of movement?  How does it make the movements it does, and what exactly does this wave do?
In 2016, Drs. Simon Senzon, Donald Epstein, and Dan Lemberger published a landmark paper titled The Network Wave as a Central Pattern Generator in the Journal of Alternative and Complimentary Medicine.  This article reveals the tremendous significance of this wave and its impact on the structure and function of the spine and nervous system, including propagation of the signal of the wave through the site of injury in a quadrapalegic’s spine.
Continuing research on the wave done at the University of Southern California, and presented at the 3rd Global Conference on Signal and Information Processing, is showing some fascinating elements of the Network Wave that have tremendous implications for what is happening to you, your spine and your life.  This wave has been shown to be a Central Pattern Generator (CPG).  A CPG is responsible for organizing energy moving through a system into specific patterns of motion.  There are CPG’s that control all kinds of rhythmic movement in the body, but walking (gait) is the most commonly known.
CPG’s are so specific to each person that they are as unique as finger prints.  Your gait is so specifically yours that once the mathematical algorithm of your gait is identified you could easily be picked out of a crowd by a computer that is looking for this algorithm.  This pattern is not affected by injuries such as a sprained ankle, while the actual stride of the gait is altered the pattern which is generating the movement of the energy is not.
So why is it important that the Network Wave has been identified as a CPG?  Simply for its ability to help your spine, and therefore your life, reorganize at higher levels of complexity.  When your spine is locked in patterns of stress and tension it is binding energy and resources that are not available for use.  These energies may be physical, emotional, mental or even spiritual.  They may be related to pain or illness in the body, emotional or mental stress and creating an inability to live up to your full potential in many areas of life.  When the Network Wave moves through these stored patterns of stress and tension it is able to, in a way, “reset” the system and liberate the energy that was bound so that it may become useable again for forward movement in life.
What about this “reorganizing to a higher level of complexity”?  Complexity in our nervous system and life is desirable.  They help us to do more sophisticated, nuanced and subtle things. Think of a box of legos – they can either be all separated and thrown in a box in seeming random chaos, or they can have an energy and organizing intelligence build them into a recognizable state or structure.  If we want our life demonstrating higher levels of structure, capability and experiencing we need an organizing force like the Network Wave.  Complexity is not the same thing as complication which is usually associated with confusion and a lack of a useful end state.  Complexity is a demonstration of a system evolving and having more capability for change and transformation than it has previously.
As this Network Wave moves through your spine, and the CPG helps to reorganize and improve your posture, biochemistry, brain function, emotional regulation and many other neurophysiological processes that you have likely experience the effects of – such as better mood, less pain, more effective decision making, mental clarity and insight and more connection to a “calling”.  As your system continues to evolve and grow though this work, our research has shown that there is no actual limit on how much change and transformation you can make – how much more energy efficient and effective you can become due to the effects of this Central Pattern Generator we know as the Network Wave.