Awakening Your Primal Brain

A few weeks ago I talked about the Reptilian Brain, its function in protecting us and running the show when we are in danger, stressed, overwhelmed or injured. The Reptilian brain also has the job of coordinating effortless growth, digestion, elimination, healing and movement.

One of my friends on Facebook posted this article on Crawling. From the article: “crawling is a reset”, it is resetting the primal brain from the fight or flight response, back to its healing and growth based functions.

Any novel movement that is rooted in the patterns we learned as we moved through the world in our first few years of life activate the lower brain.

If you have “forgotten” these movements, they can be unlocked again. Try being on the floor with some kids aged 6 mos. to 2 years. Mimic how they move their bodies, or try some of the basic crawling moves in this video:

Dr. Brian