How Did You Know That?

This is a phrase I often hear after I assess someone’s spine for the first time, especially if it’s about an event they haven’t yet shared with me.

How did I know?
In many ways your body can be read like an arborist reads a tree (although I don’t have to slice a person in half to do it).

We “wear” our stresses in our body. We see it in posture and facial expressions. Below the surface, there is more. When I feel someone’s spine some of the things I’m assessing are Connective Tissue, Muscle Tone and signs the spinal cord may be torqued.

The shape, position, tension and tone of your spine tells me about what is presently going on in your life, and has gone on in your life.

What your connective tissue “Tells Me”: The connective tissue of the spine, when healthy, feels supple, and fluid. When unhealthy, it feels rigid. Connective tissue is related to a sense of safety in the environment, and your body’s basic system of making energy out of the building blocks of life.

Connective tissue that is healthy “Tells” me you can generate the energy your organs and systems need to survive, heal and grow. It means your brain and nervous system tell your body that “all systems are normal”.

When the connective tissue is unhealthy, it is a sign your system senses danger, and the order of the day is to protect vital energy because there may not be enough for us to survive. We are on high alert to stay away from any more danger. This makes it difficult to feel peaceful or at ease. Our body may not be digesting our food as well.  Because most of the basic functions of the body are automatic, or not controlled by thought, you may not be aware unless someone else points it out, or you take an inventory of your energy levels consistently.

So, How Did I Know? Your body tells me.