Does it take effort to grow?

There are times in our lives when growth seems effortless; we are learning new things, having new experiences, developing wider circles of connection, and other times when it seems difficult to get out of well-worn habits of thinking, behaving or being.

Safety allows growth to occur spontaneously

Without the biological and physiological condition of safety, the human body will be in a state of breakdown. We often think if we work harder, or longer, the effort will inspire growth, which it can, but only if the body has enough energy to be safe first, and then to grow to a new level.  It is important to assess where you are first.

We cannot bypass safety and go straight to growth, safety is a physiological state that is natural when we have good food, clean air, movement and comfort. We can begin to grow once we have safety because our body not only has what it needs to repair damage from the stress of life, but we have enough energy stores to grow new mitochondria in the muscles, or new neural pathways in our nervous systems.

Growth in biological terms is seen as having greater complexity, and greater efficiency. It happens naturally without effort when the conditions are just right. When you set up the conditions that foster growth, any force or effort becomes much better received because the system offers less resistance.

Dr. Brian