Exploring the Primal Brain & Healing

While we are a complex system of trillions of cells, in many ways our body functions can be categorized in two basic ways.

Fight/Flight/Flee or Wine and Dine
Multiple systems of the body change function immediately when there is a systematic change from Fight/Fight/Flee to Wine and Dine. When stressed, or in danger, the Fight/Flight/Flee system is running the show, this is when the Primal, Lower Brain takes over functioning of the body systems. This “Autopilot” system protects us until we are out of danger. It is meant to be a short term solution because the hormones and chemicals your body makes while in Fight/Flight/Flee are damaging in the long term.

When there is a shift back to Wine and Dine after a trauma, we become healing machines, stress hormones like cortisol and insulin levels lower. All parts of Digestion are improved from Salivation through Elimination, thus the term Wine and Dine. Since the lower brain isn’t as dominant we use all of our brain systems again, not just the lower brain.

When you see statistics that Stress is harmful, it is helpful to know that being in the Fight/Flight/Flee state is saving your life, it is only when we cannot shift back into Wine and Dine that the effects of stress pile up and become harmful.

How do we use the Primal Brain to Heal
Our Lower Brain is also linked to movement and breathing. One of the best things we can do to reset our lower brain back to Wine and Dine is to move. It does not need to be complex, walking, dancing, and  stretching are all easy to do and can be done almost anywhere.

Dr. Brian