Connection Through Humor

“I have parts that I like, I have parts that I don’t like, but Ha-Ha-Ha, They are all ME!” from The 12 Stages of Healing by Dr. Donald Epstein

When discordant energies dissolve or come into union, there is often laughter, and humor can be used to connect and to heal individually and collectively.

An interesting TED talk by Sophie Scott discusses some things about humor that we may not have thought about, especially the importance of social bonding through humor. In her talk, she mentions a study of couples that are put into stressful situations. It is found that those who use humor to diffuse the stress instantly show less signs of physical stress. The couples who have these strategies have higher levels of satisfaction and stay together longer. “When you look at close relationships, laughter is a phenomenally useful index of how people are regulating their emotions together.”

When faced with polarity or discord, or an internal sensation we are uncomfortable feeling, we could let it build, or ignore it, or come to terms with the discord, and dissipate that stress, often through laughter. When this happens, that is a type of healing. In a group there will be a syncing of physiology that reflects greater harmony and connection with others that can be measured, and felt.