How is Chiropractic Related to Organic Gardening?


Historical Note: On this day in 1895 the first Chiropractic adjustment was given by DD Palmer in Davenport, Iowa. An janitor in the building where Mr. Palmer had an office (as a magnetic healer), became deaf after stooping in a tight space. After hearing his story, and examining his spine where Mr. Lillard heard a “pop”, Mr. Palmer developed a theory that a vertebrae had misaligned in Harvey Lillard’s spine, which was causing loss of hearing. An adjustment was given, and within a few days Mr. Lillard’s hearing was restored.

The idea that organisms which cause disease are opportunistic, and require the right conditions to stay around is shared by organic farmers and chiropractors. Also, the ability to ward off invaders when healthy is an idea shared by chiropractors and organic farmers, bacteria and viruses are everywhere, but they will only overcome an organism that is already compromised.

All living organisms are responsive to their environment, we have built in mechanisms to protect us from bacteria and virus, plants respond to changes in moisture and nutrients. When you provide the optimal conditions you see the perfect expression of life, this is just as true for plants as it is for people.

By observing how the fruits of your labor thrive when you optimize the living conditions, you learn what is optimal, and what is needed for robust health.

What are some of the things required for optimal human health?
Come up with your own list, and go about fulfilling it to optimize your health.

Dr. Brian