What if “normal” is hurting us?

Five years ago, I read the book “Born to Run” by Christopher McDougall, and it made me question what I thought was “Normal” or “The Way It’s Always Been” in regards to my footwear.  Our toes are meant to spread when we put weight on them, I was wearing shoes that didn’t allow my toes to spread, which, as the book pointed out, leads to a host of other problems.

Most of us are doing the same thing.

When I looked at new information, I realized my feet were cramped in my work shoes, dress shoes, gym shoes, cycling shoes, etc. Over the next year I ended up replacing every piece of footwear I owned, even ski boots that I wear only one day a year.

Now, what used to seem normal seems tight and cramped. I know I’ll never go back, not even for one night.

What other habits or activities are we engaging in that seem normal, but are actually hurting us in the long run?  We only know when we make the necessary changes, even if it seems odd or weird, and then realize how much better our life is.

Dr. Brian