Become A Health Advocate

From Patient to Practice Member
In the 1980’s, Dr. Donald Epstein realized some of his patients had gone beyond the model of the typical patient. They weren’t looking for a cure or a fix anymore, they were taking action in many areas of their health and well-being. They started new diets, left unsupportive relationships, and started exercising, just to name a few changes.
The term Practice Member was born out of this realization that something was different when people started taking a more active role in their health and well-being.

Become An Advocate For Your Own Health
The concept of “Patient Activation” was studied by a UK health management consultant. They found in people with the highest levels of involvement in their health, called “Advocates”, had 9-20% lower healthcare costs per year.  That is astounding!

In the report, the authors see distinct levels of engagement and understanding of their health, going from “Believing Health is Largely Out of Their Control” to “Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle as a Key Focus”.

If you are still in the place where you believe health is largely out of your control, consider a different perspective. We can control many things, and all of these can lead to greater health. Our DNA is just a blueprint, and we control the finished product by what we eat, what we think, how clean our air and water are, and much more.

The choices you make can lead you to becoming your own Health Advocate.

Dr. Brian