Expanding Possibilities

An Old Dog Can Learn New Tricks

When I was young, it seemed like I learned something new each day.  Sometimes we stop learning, and we fall into familiar patterns of behaving, thinking and feeling.  I could see how this way of being would lead neuroscientists from an earlier time to think the brain couldn’t change after a certain age. This was the common thought in the field of neuroscience through the 1990’s.

Modern Neuroscience has a different perspective on how we can continue to learn well into our last decades of life.  Last week I listened to a fascinating interview with Dr. Caroline Leaf, a neuroscientist from South Africa.  If you would like to listen, here is the link: http://findingmastery.net/caroline-leaf/

Dr. Leaf mentioned a very special teacher who encouraged her to go beyond what she knew. Holding the space as a teacher for your student to go beyond what you know is an incredibly powerful concept.

It was also interesting to hear her perspectives on changing patterns.  Maybe you have heard the phrase that it takes 21 days to establish a new pattern, or eliminate a non-productive pattern?  Dr. Leaf said this was true, and also when you continue the new behavior for 2 more cycles of 21 days, then you have built a new pattern that is strong.

If you tried to change a pattern for the New Year, how is it going?  Did you notice any resistance around day 4?  Dr. Leaf discussed that Day 4 was often the hardest when you are trying to change a pattern.

I personally got a lot out of this interview, and I hope you do also.

Dr. Brian

P.S. Thank you to my practice member who suggested I look up Dr. Leaf after a conversation about one of my previous newsletters.