Summer and the Seasons of Healing

This past Friday was the premiere of “I am not your Guru” a Netflix documentary about the personal growth coach, Tony Robbins. I highly recommend watching, it is well done and very powerful. After watching, I was thinking of all the teachings and concepts Tony Robbins uses to help people have and sustain breakthroughs.

One concept he co-developed with my mentor, Donald Epstein, is the analogy of different seasons in relation to business or the healing process. When you are in different parts of the cycle, your focus needs to be on different things. Noticing the season you are in, and maximizing the qualities of that season is more effective than going against the season you are in.

We know to plant seeds in the spring, and harvest in the fall, but what is the message from Summer?

You can’t force a fruit to ripen, you can’t force a tree to grow faster

Summer is often about waiting for the fruits of our labor. Waiting can be difficult, even if we trust the fruit will ripen, we wonder if we have done enough pruning, or put down enough fertilizer, or protected the plant when it was young on cold spring nights.

What can we do to support Summer?

I am ready! Summer is about getting ready for the bounty of harvest time. Will we have the physical strength to can 50 pounds of tomatoes? Will we be ready to pick crops for hours? Will we have enough time slots available for new clients from our marketing efforts?

In Spring we set our intentions, in Summer we prepare so we can handle the demands of Fall.

Are you getting ready? It’s not too late to start.

Dr. Brian