Did you ever try to change your diet, start an exercise routine, or start a new career, but it didn’t feel like the time was right?

At other times, was it just one suggestion, or a seemingly random magazine article, that propelled you toward new thoughts, ideas, plans, and action steps that led to major changes in your life?

What was the difference? In life and in health, timing, or when we make change is almost as important as what type of change we make.

This doesn’t mean that all change will be easy and effortless. We can though, be aware of when we have support and momentum for change, and maximize the flow of the tide.

This is one of the core concepts in Reorganizational Healing and Network Spinal Analysis finding the part of your system that is ready and ripe for change, we call this “looking for available energy”. When that part is activated, it feels as if tension melts away, and new patterns emerge instantaneously.

Where is the available energy in your life? How can this be activated to fuel change? What if a change you have been trying to make for 10 or 20 years just unfolded with grace? When the time is right for change, it is hard to stop.