Increasing Your Personal Bandwidth

How to Increase Your Personal Bandwidth

If you have a 8 year old computer with a dial up connection, and you try to stream a movie, will it work? It may take a day to download, and then it might freeze or stutter during playback. Compare that experience to a modern computer with a fast internet connection. The movie is there, on-demand, the video is smooth and the audio rich.

This same experience happens in our bodies and lives when we have more information than we can handle (stress), or not enough energy (resources). Our bodies go into flight, fight or freeze and we go through life with the goal of just getting by.

When it comes to your personal energy and information processing needs, how do you increase the amount of work you can do, or increase your resiliency,  or your personal bandwidth? Is it even possible? How do some people have a stressful event happen in their lives, and they actually grow?

In a 1997 study of over 2800 people receiving Network Spinal Analysis care, people reported having signs of more energy available for positive life changes such as:

  • Extent one adapts to change
  • Handling of problems in life
  • Actual work done
  • Actual life accomplishments
  • Overall contentment with life
  • Life being what one wants it to be
Most people wouldn’t think of going to a chiropractor to help them achieve their life’s goals, or to be more content, but this is exactly what happens when you have a more resilient nervous system.

When we are not constantly locked in defense posture, and bathing in stress hormones, our higher brain centers come “on-line”, and we can express more of our potential in all areas of our life.

Network Spinal Analysis isn’t the only way, HeartMath, Meditation, Movement, Dance and Yoga are just a few other ways to begin the process of reclaiming our humanity.