How can we dream a better tomorrow?

This weekend we honor Dr. Martin Luther King.  When you hear his “I have a dream” speech, do you ever wonder how human beings have the capacity to visualize something that has not yet happened?

Another word for being able to visualize the future is called consciousness, and the study of what makes one conscious has vexed scientists for years.

Recently I read this article that puts a few more pieces of the puzzle together. I hope you find it as fascinating as I did.

How can we dream a better tomorrow?  According to the latest research, it starts with connecting the brainstem to the prefrontal cortex via a neural network. Neural networks are built through our life, and strengthened with use.

Michio Kaku calls the human brain a prediction machine. Based on previous experiences, we can predict what might happen, and we can also see things better than they are in the moment, and then start working toward that goal.

Dr. Brian