The Interconnectedness of Life

A few weeks ago while listening to a talk given by Adam Reiss on the Expanding Universe, he described findings that changed how we understand the universe. Those findings won his research team the Nobel Prize in 2011. Working in other places around the world, another team had similar findings. The discoveries of both teams occurred within months of each other.

It appears that once something is known to enough people, that information is soon available to larger and larger amounts of people. Using a computer analogy, once the data is “in the cloud” it can be accessed by all of humanity.

In the world of sports, the record for the mile run stood just above four minutes for over 30 years, and within four years of Roger Bannister breaking the four minute barrier, four other athletes also broke the four minute barrier. It seemed that once people knew it was possible, it didn’t seem like a barrier.

This trend also appears to favor increasing understanding, increasing performance and increasing ability for compassion.

For more about the theories of Morphic Resonance and Field Effects in biology and sociology, look up Rupert Sheldrake.

Dr. Brian