Honoring the Passing of Joseph Chilton Pearce

Twice I had the opportunity to hear Joseph Chilton Pearce speak, only a few months before the birth of my son, Joe would have been 72 at this talk. I had recently read his book, “The Magical Child”, which was released in 1977.

It was such a relief to read that book, at that time. In the late 1990’s the most popular books for parents-to-be were the “What to expect…” books, first for pregnancy, and then for infancy. After reading The Magical Child, I knew my child would be born into a world that offered everything he needed to grow into a healthy, intelligent, creative and loving individual.

In is 1998 talk, he had taken the concepts in the Magical Child of how nature prepares us, and provides us exactly what we need for our developing brain, and incorporated new scientific understanding of the role of the heart and “heart wisdom”.  This lead to his most recent book, published in 2012 and titled “The Heart-Mind Matrix: How the Heart Can Teach the Mind New Ways to Think”   When you heard Joe speak you felt his excitement for what was possible for all of us. This is the message that endures when I think of Joe, that we are all capable of amazing things, made possible by living a life that follows natural laws, and not trying to out smart mother nature.

I felt very lucky to have been in his presence as he shared his passion for the fullest expression for all of humanity

Dr. Brian

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