What is the Subluxation?

Have you heard this term? Maybe from a chiropractor? Taking the word and it’s component parts, it could have a couple meanings.  The most common usage: “sub” meaning less, and “Luxation” meaning dislocation, gives us…a slight misalignment, usually of spinal joints as used by the chiropractic, osteopathic and physical therapy professions.

Another way of seeing it is: sub meaning less than, “lux” meaning light, and “ation” referring to a phenomenon. Sub-Lux-ation, a condition of less light – or life force in the body.  This refers to the state in which the body isn’t able to adapt to current demands.

When the body is in a state of less life force, growth and development are put on hold, the mode of operation becomes protecting your life instead of growth.

With a healthy spine comes a healthy life. There is a correlation between a flexible, fluid, supple spine and robust, flexible, adaptable health and wellness.

The presence of subluxation is an indication that you are operating at less than full capactiy, the adjustment is a shift to assist the nervous system to higher levels of organization.

Do you know if your bodies’ circuit breaker is overloaded?  A chirorpactor can tell if you are in a state of less life force.

Dr. Brian