Becoming Aware of Patterns

It’s my personal belief that the ability to create complex patterns is one of the greatest functions of the human nervous system. This is a way we become efficient, for if we needed to use the same amount of energy that it took the first time we walked, we wouldn’t have much energy for anything else.

By the time we are fully grown adults, we have thousands of patterns that are linked physically, emotionally and biochemically.

When our nervous system runs a pattern that is already in place, the positive aspect is efficiency, time and energy savings. The negative aspect is that the conditions may have changed slighty, and the response is old and outdated. We may have learned a pattern that worked at one point in our life, but it doesn’t work anymore.

How do we know this is happening?
Did you ever get to a point in life where you feel like the same thing is happening over and over? The people or places may change, but your conversations, emotions and thoughts are similar day to day.

When you consciously become aware that your life is “on repeat”, you are becoming aware of patterns!

Congratulations! What comes next?
There is a paradox that the only constant is change. Our previous thoughts, behaviors and actions lead us to certain outcomes in life. It is important to really feel how this shows up in our body before taking the next step, the process of building of emotion before taking action ensures we take the time to see the big picture and not take quick actions that we may regret.
Each new pattern seems awkard at first, and requries a lot of energy, but with enough emotional fuel driving the process, we all can develop more sustainable patterns, wheter they are personal, communtiy or global.