Specific Emotions are Linked to Specific Health Problems

In a 20 year longitudinal study of married couples, it was found that anger led to chest pain, and stonewalling or not engaging led to back pain.

This is significant, because anecdotally we all have stories of how emotions relate to physical symptoms, but to follow people for 20 years and see this is ground-breaking.


With this study, many questions arise.  From a reorganizational healing perspective, one might ask. “How can I address the pattern in addition to treating the (pain, damaged disk, heart disease, etc.)?” Because even when we treat the damaged tissues and organs, the patterns that led to the dysfunction are still present.

Another question might be, “How can I express myself fully, even in situations that might be high-emotion”?  Because in both instances, either anger and stonewalling occur when productive conversations breakdown.

Dr. Donald Epstein, the developer of Network Spinal Analysis talks about how our symptoms, disease and health crisis’ are messages to wake up, pay attention, and do something different.  When it comes to back pain, most people think the message is they need to stretch, or exercise, and yes that is helpful, and what if you also looked at improving how you communicate with your loved ones?

A great resource for improving communication can be found in the books of Harville Hendrix.  To assist any change you are making, physical or emotional, Spinal Entrainments make it go much smoother.

Have a Great Holiday Weekend.

Dr. Brian