A New Posture = A New Life

If you want to change your life, change your spine.

On stage or screen, we see our favorite actors shift their physical body, and it immediately changes their perceptions and behaviors, they literally become someone else. When we need courage or certainty, standing up straighter and putting our chest out facilitates these emotions.

What happens over time when you adopt new postures, new emotions, new thoughts and new actions? Your life becomes different, on every level.  Shifting your posture changes the tension and tone on your connective tissue, which changes how your cells use energy. The change in cellular function leads to a wider range of emotions expressed, different emotions lead to different types of thoughts. Different thoughts lead to new behaviors, especially long term behaviors. New behaviors that are looked at for effectiveness lead to congruence and sustainability in your life.

Each posture we have facilitates a certain range of feelings, and actions.  A dog, when scared will tuck it’s tail, which supports the biochemistry of protection. I saw an animal trainer on television gently lift a scared dog’s tail, and even though the outer circumstance, and environment that originally scared the dog were the same, the dog immediately changed it’s demeanor.

What happens in people when we change our posture to one of engagement with the world, rather than protection from the world?

Read this article, http://www.elephantjournal.com/2016/04/a-new-fetal-position-a-way-to-redesign-our-lives/ and think of the possibilities.