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Your Body is the Back of Your Mind: The Body’s Connection in the Spiritual Process
March 20, 2012

When you put something ‘out of your mind’ where does it go? Out of mind, does not mean out of body. Many of us want to have breakthroughs in our health and life, however, to do so we must first learn to break back in to our body. What is your body REALLY telling you when it speaks to you in the form of symptoms or disease? How is your life reflected by and experienced through your body? In this fun and informative interview, world-renowned healing and wellness systems developer Dr. Donny Epstein will explore the link between changing your body and reorganizing your life. Discover how to create new options and possibilities in your personal well-being. The secrets to abundant wellness and continuing progress are easy and accessible. Expand your awareness of embodied healing and living during this invaluable, inspiring and powerful hour. Guest Website:

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