Wellness Coaching

When I was in the sixth grade a major event happened in my family. My grandfather had open heart surgery. I watched his pain and discomfort during the recovery process, and the question I had as a 10 year old was, “this doesn’t have to happen, does it?”

This was the question that hundreds of researchers were trying to answer, because since the 1940’s Heart Disease had become the leading cause of premature death in America. According to the experts you can eat the right foods, and exercise, and you can reduce or eliminate your risk of heart disease.

So, as a 10 year old, I became interested in what I put in my body. I made sure to eat my vegetables, I started trimming the fat off of steak and pork chops, I ate more chicken and other leaner meats, I eventually became vegetarian.

I exercised, mostly cycling, but strength training and boot camp style workouts.

I read dozens of books on diet and lifestyle for personal use and for my newsletter.

After almost 30 years of following a “healthy diet”, my body was starting to fall apart. My hands were stiff and sore every morning. I had big dips in my energy where I felt like I needed food, especially sugary food like fruit. Even though I exercised 4 hours a week or more I still had a soft middle section. I was doing all the right things, but something wasn’t right.

In Fall of 2010 a few events happened in my life that changed everything for me. I had a concussion from a bike accident, what seemed like a small bump changed my life and took 3-4 months to return to normal, and over a year for me to finally feel like myself again.

The other event was a book that I came across that changed the way I looked at my diet. That book was Eat Fat, Look Thin by Bruce Fife, ND. I started adding more fat to my diet, mostly in the form of coconut oil, and I noticed a few things started to change. My energy levels were more steady throughout the day, my hands weren’t sore in the morning, and my waistline was shrinking a size I hadn’t seen since high school.

Over the last 4 years a series of books have caused me to think and act very differently in the realm of diet and exercise. After reading dozens books on diet, nutrition, and lifestyle, leading exercise classes, and training for races I’ve learned a lot over the years. After having discussions with patients and friends about these subjects, they would say to me, “You should do health coaching or personal training”.

I’ve taken their advice, and I’m available for Health and Wellness Coaching and Personal Training. I will utilize the principles of Reorganizational Healing to help you find your strengths, and then develop new, sustainable strategies and resources that were previously unavailable.

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