Change is in the air…

New Mexico is Calling Me

In March I found out about an opportunity to buy a practice in New Mexico. I will start there May 1.

Dr. Wayne Leyshon, also a practitioner of low force chiropractic and Network Spinal Analysis, will be taking over my office in June. You can schedule a meeting with him by calling 804-221-8356. During the month of May, he can be seen at is office on the downtown mall, 108 5th Street SE, Suite 207 – Across from City Space and the Market Street Parking Garage.

I wanted to send this quick note to let you know your spine and health will be in good hands with Dr. Wayne.

I will return to Charlottesville in June, and I’m taking appointments for June 8th and 9th. On Friday, June 9th, Dr. Wayne will be in the office too, and it will be an opportunity to meet him, if you haven’t already.

Dr. Brian

The full story of New Mexico can be found here: